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Unique view

August 7, 2000


To the editor:

At a recent city commission meeting, comments were made about downtown Lawrence being unique and a place visitors should see. I have lived in Lawrence for almost 19 years, but I don't visit the downtown area very often. Last Saturday afternoon I went downtown with relatives.

I was not impressed at all. We passed at least three tree planters that were being used as trash cans for empty beer bottles. One of the planters had about a dozen empty beer bottles laying in it. The corners of the parking curbs were littered with trash and leaf debris. The sidewalks were filthy from spilled drinks and polka-dotted with used chewing gum. Paper and Styrofoam drink cups were left on the sidewalk.

Before downtown Lawrence can be called unique, it needs to be clean, with something growing in the planters besides beer bottles and trash.

Betty Henderson, Lawrence.

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