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August 4, 2000


Looking for the one-armed man

As the revival of the TV series "The Fugitive" began filming its debut episode this week, Tim Daly was philosophical about his starring role.

Daly, whose father James guest starred in one of the original episodes, called the series "a great opportunity to do something that was going to be a spectacular hit or fail miserably in a grand way."

The show is to debut in October.

From Savannah, Daly's Dr. Richard Kimble flees to Charleston, S.C., Philadelphia, Atlantic City, N.J., New Orleans and San Francisco.

As in the classic '60s series, Kimble escapes after being wrongly convicted of murdering his wife. In his quest to find the real killer -- a mysterious one-armed man -- Kimble must contend with police Lt. Philip Gerard always on his heels.

Daly is best known for his starring role in the early '90s sitcom "Wings."

Charges dropped against rocker

All charges have been dropped against a man who was arrested after rocker Ted Nugent accused him of assault at an anti-fur protest.

The San Francisco district attorney's office decided Tuesday to release Bhaskar Sinha, 21.

Nugent said Sinha bumped and threatened him Sunday, but a security camera that recorded the incident showed no contact. A charge of threatening Nugent was also dropped on the grounds that it was too vague.

Nugent came out of a Neiman Marcus store and ran right into an animal rights group's regular protest against the sale of furs. Nugent, an outspoken supporter of guns and hunting, got into an argument with Sinha over his hunting plans.

Carly Simon singer busted

Carly Simon posted $250,000 bail for one of her backup singers after he was arrested at Newark International Airport on cocaine charges.

John Forte was charged July 13 with conspiring to distribute nearly 31 pounds of cocaine.

Prosecutors say they have taped telephone conversations in which Forte, 25, referred to the cocaine as "ice cream" and arranged to pick up the shipment at the airport.

Federal agents arrested him after he was handed a suitcase by two women, authorities said.

Forte was charged with conspiracy to distribute the cocaine. A federal magistrate set bail for Forte at $625,000 and Simon posted $250,000 of it last week. Forte was placed under house arrest at his mother's home in South Brunswick.

Forte sang backup during Simon's last tour, co-produced the Fugees' hit record "The Score" in 1996 and sang on a solo album released by Fugees singer Wyclef Jean.

Liz peeved at sex life comment

Elizabeth Hurley is "infuriated" by a piece in the latest Jane magazine quoting her as declaring Hugh Grant "less than adequate" in bed.

"It's just not true," said the movie star, who threatened legal action. "I cried when I saw it. And I reassured Hugh, who is upset, that I didn't say those things. He knows I'd never say anything horrible about our sex life. We still get on extremely well and we will always be in each other's lives. I'd never say anything detrimental about him. He's my best friend in the world."

Together 13 years, the movie stars split two months ago. They've continued living together, but Hurley said he's moving out of their London mansion this week.

Rapper heads to big screen

Eminem, having conquered the musical world, now looks to the movies. He's working with a writer on a script due before cameras early next year. Says his manager, Paul Rosenberg: "The movie's going to be something that's loosely based upon his life as a struggling rapper before he was famous. It's not going to be Eminem playing Eminem." Vanilla Ice?

Janet's divorce turns ugly

All seemed fine between Janet Jackson and Rene Elizondo when they announced their split last spring after a nine-year, sorta secret marriage. But now he wants money and it's not so fine anymore.

"Basically, Rene wants more than I am prepared to give him," the singer said. "I've always felt if a relationship ends both people should walk away with exactly what they contributed themselves. Rene had always told me he felt the same way. But as it turns out he doesn't, which is very sad."

Jackson, worth more than $100 million, has reportedly offered him a lovely parting gift of $10 million. He's said to prefer more like $23 million plus their Malibu beachfront home.

Pitt wedding photos due

Next week's People magazine gives details from last week's Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston nuptials. He promised to love, honor and "split the difference on the thermostat." She, to always make his "favorite banana milkshake." She had to throw the bouquet twice, the first time it hit a hanging lamp and rebounded into her hands. He took off her garter with his teeth.

Today's birthdays

Britain's Queen Mother Elizabeth is 100. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is 71. Actor Billy Bob Thornton is 45. Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens is 38.

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