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September 30, 1999


On the second day of school, Joy Clumsky, creative writing teacher at Lawrence High School, challenged her fledgling writers (with their fading tans and nostalgic eyes) to create metaphors for their summers -- to capture the essence of the fading season in sensual images. The images serve as memory "seeds" for generating a retrospective look at our own summers past.

Summer is "

A perfect sunset, peeking over the beach.

-- Kristina Young

Summer is "

The sound of a volleyball slamming into the ground.

My ice cream melting off my cone onto my fingers.

-- Nicole Wenger

Summer is "

Skinny-dipping in the moonlight.

Stargazing from the hammock.

-- Heidi Yoder

Summer is "

Little kids playing outside, with Mama warning, "Be home before dark."

-- Loy Ukpokodu

Summer is "

The sound of the ocean in a seashell just picked off the beach.

-- Joel Dankenbring

Summer is "

Chowing down on cookie-dough ice cream.

Running, running and more running at Dog Days.

-- Jackie Polk

Summer is "

Spitting sunflower seeds.

-- Kristy Wempe

Summer is "

The powerful explosions of enormous skyfire on July Fourth.

-- Rachel Rake

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