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September 23, 1999


Students used to parking in front of the Ludington-Thacher house face a $10 ticket if they don't find somewhere else to park.

Fraternity and sorority members and others living near the 1600 block of Tennessee are finding prime parking spots even more scarce than usual.

A week ago, the city installed three signs in front of the historic Ludington-Thacher house at 1613 Tenn., designating the area as a temporary bus stop. The signs were put up to make room for buses shuttling people to and from the house from Friday through Oct. 17. At the house, a Designers' Showhouse is being used to raise up to $100,000 for Cottonwood Inc.

In that time, organizers hope to move 15,000 people through the house.

"We put signs on the cars (in front of the house) ahead of time, letting them know it would be a temporary bus stop," said Jean Milstead, senior vice president at Douglas County Bank and co-chair of the event.

"We decided not to let people walk for blocks, we would have a shuttle," she said. "We didn't know they were going to ticket the people parking there. We thought the alternative would be to notify police and then have them towed."

Police and municipal court officials didn't have information about the number of $10 tickets that have been written since the signs appeared, but the message seems to be working. Few cars were parked in front of the house on Wednesday afternoon. Milstead volunteers for the showhouse also face penalties for parking there, and some of them have received the $10 reminders.

The Lawrence Bus Company begins its route Friday morning at Checkers, 2300 La., running continuously from there to the house and then back, Milstead said. Volunteers at the house can also catch rides from the Douglas County Bank, in the 800 block of Tennessee.

Cottonwood Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that serves people with developmental disabilities who live in Douglas and Jefferson counties.

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