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September 23, 1999


A replacement access point on 23rd Street east of Harper was approved by the Douglas County Commission Wednesday night.

The estimated cost of the work is $21,585, with Lawrence paying $10,000 and the county picking up the remainder.

The access point, which led to a back entrance to the county fairgrounds and a frontage road serving several businesses, was torn out as part of 10 Marketplace, a retail development.

Douglas County commissioners had not been told of the change and were surprised when the access was removed the morning of the Douglas County 4-H Fair's busiest day.

County officials believe the change created a safety hazard because there is no room for drivers to slow down when using the next intersection to the east. They hired an attorney to pursue the matter. County Counselor Wint Winter Jr. wasn't used to represent the county because he privately represents a developer who benefited from the access change.

But the commissioners decided in the end that correcting the safety problem was more important than fighting a legal battle.

LRM Industries, the company doing the access work for 10 Marketplace, was awarded the contract.

Keith Browning, county public works director, said he hoped the work would be done in a month.

LRM was awarded another contract Wednesday as well.

The company will be paid $74,195 to repave Douglas County Road 1029 through Lecompton from N 2050 Road to the Kansas River.

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