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September 19, 1999


Proposed legislation mandating school uniforms in public schools was met with skepticism by two area legislators.

"I don't think it will go anywhere," said Rep. Ralph Tanner, R-Baldwin, chairman of the House Education Committee.

"The equality of dress among all kids has some merit, but I don't believe the public will buy it," he said.

Senate Majority leader Tim Emert, R-Independence, has filed legislation requiring local school boards to adopt dress codes that would require the wearing of uniforms to class and all school-supervised activities.

Rep. Tom Sloan, R-Lawrence, voiced opposition to the idea.

"I think that Senator Emert has a worthy objective; however, I believe the dress codes are not the answer to occasional unruliness in the classrooms, or pressures among peers," Sloan said.

Tanner said that a special joint House-Senate committee will be spending all day on Oct. 20 holding hearings on school violence and ways to prevent it.

"I certainly would invite (Emert) to come and testify before that committee on that date, and make his pitch," Tanner said.

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