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September 8, 1999


To the editor:

Unlike certain members of the Lawrence school board, I am grateful that one of its newly elected members, Scott Morgan, is willing to ask direct questions and dig until he gets to the bottom of an issue. The fact that some members of the board are uncomfortable with Scott's no-nonsense approach says more about those board members than about Scott.

The fact is, the previous board bought a combination warehouse/administrative center at a considerably higher cost than the mere warehouse approved by the voters. Given the budget shortfall and the fact that many of our students are being educated in portable trailers this year, it makes perfect sense to ask if the purchase of the new administrative center is a done deal. Is this really the best way to serve our students with the money we have? I know it's a question I asked Scott.

If the board members who voted to buy the building truly studied the issue and alternatives carefully, why are they so defensive? It is natural for a board that represents our diverse community to have dissenting opinions from time to time. It is mind-boggling that a majority of the school board -- and apparently the facilitator they hired (at our expense) -- believes that squelching differences of opinions is preferable to open debate.

Victoria Corbin,


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