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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

Lawrence school district proposes a 15 percent increase in taxes and an 8 percent increase in taxes by the city for the property owners (Page 1A, July 30, Lawrence Journal-World).

On page B-1 of the same paper, a school nurse pushes for a full-time nurse in every school. Why? A nurse can't even give an aspirin without a doctor's and/or parent's written consent form. The nurse is afraid of a malpractice suit.

If a child is sick, why can't a secretary or teacher call home? It doesn't take a nurse to take a temperature or see that a child is sick to his stomach.

The health screenings can be done by an itinerant nurse, volunteers, or even the health department. These people are record keepers and call home when children are sick. Do you need a nurse to make a phone call? We have a health department for shots, and sick children can and should be recommended to their parents who can take them to the family doctor to care for them, if necessary.

What do you think all these nurses will cost the taxpayer? Aren't taxes high enough yet? More importantly, they are not needed. When and how many times do we taxpayers have to say stop?

Mary Ann Kieffer,


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