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September 7, 1999


What did you learn?

To the editor:

Unfortunately, as a member of the LHS class of 1972, I was not as lucky as many of my friends to have Mr. Roth as a teacher. I never heard a bad word about his classes and techniques. All that was discussed was the excitement and opportunities to learn which existed in Mr. Roth's classes. Even though as a student we wanted school to be easy, now we understand why there were teachers like Mr. Roth and others who pushed their students to excel. We understood not only the importance of the class grade, but also what was learned and could be learned.

Do parents today put too much of an emphasis on the grade and not enough on "what did you learn today?" Based on our high school experience, we continue to learn in a never-ending thirst for knowledge. Out of respect for his former students, Mr. Roth was in his LHS classroom for our 25th year reunion school tour. Mr. Roth was there on a Saturday reminiscing with our class. He is one of my special memories from high school and our 25th year reunion. It is truly sad how the Free State administration and the school board have treated Mr. Roth without consideration for his dedication to the students and ability to get the students to challenge themselves.

William Douglas III,

Eagle, Colo.

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