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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

I am writing this letter in reference to the city commission's decision to not renew the license for the Brown Bear Brewing Co. Perhaps the Lawrence City Commission has not only failed to realize that by doing so, they have enraged an entire neighborhood. No, I am not referring to Downtown Lawrence; I am referring to those that reside in North Lawrence. I attended that meeting in hopes to come to some compromise regarding the Los Amigos licensure. I made the mistake of leaving after the topic was voted upon.

The gentlemen that spoke on behalf of their business (Brown Bear) made very valid points surrounding the issue of their lacking 5 percent on food sales. This is an issue of integrity more than any other. These gentlemen were forthcoming with the information only to be catastrophically punished by the commission.

I myself do not conceive how the city commission could warrant such a bad judgment call. Speaking of bad judgment, it was complete and utter bad judgment to, in the same meeting, grant a liquor license to Los Amigos, with the unsatisfactory stipulations attached. This tells the people in the community: Gee, it's quite all right to consistently offend the neighboring homes with late-night ruckus and nuisance, however, a new business has no chance of survival because the proprietor has integrity and is honest to the tune of 5 percent. What? You must be joking!

To the city commission, I'd like to say, I'll give you 5 percent of my frustration from dealing with Los Amigos if you give those two gentlemen an opportunity to achieve that 5 percent food sales they are lacking. If we are talking about how many chances one receives, Los Amigos has had their fair share.

As it appears to my eyes, North Lawrence just received the biggest betrayal of a lifetime. I am quite certain that somewhere along the way, if the Lawrence City Commission would have considered how "fair" they were attempting to be, they'd see that they have just committed the greatest injustice of all.

So, in closing, the North Lawrence neighborhood gets the pleasure of nightly chaos and the Brown Bear gets closed for being honest and attempting to build a thriving business. I would like to thank Marty Kennedy for his effort to help with the existing problems in North Lawrence. Jim Henry as well. Thanks for your vote, although there's still no relief ahead.

I certainly hope that the commission, as a whole, is very gratified with its decision.

Kelly Boyle-Wolfe,


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