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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

I wanted to write and take issue with an article that the Journal-World printed Aug. 8. The article was written by Karen Brandon, Knight-Ridder Newspapers and addresses the "Impact of Roe vs. Wade." The article addresses a study done by Steven Levitt and John Donohue III concerning the effect abortion has had on crime statistics in the 1990s. Their conclusion was that the abortions that minority and poor women had in the 1970s, because abortion was made legal, have made a positive impact on the crime rate. The question I would like to raise is this; "How many of those little babies aborted from the womb would have grown up to be productive citizens?" How many would have grown to be great scientists, doctors, preachers, teachers, maybe even a future president of these United States? There is no way of knowing; they were murdered in the name of freedom of choice.

While the nation tries to overcome racism and hatred against minorities and the poor, along comes this article pointing to this very class for all of America's woes and troubles. While I do not question the motives of those involved in the study, I do question the motives of printing an article that can neither be proven as true nor seems to have any use whatsoever in the society in which we live, except to cause further discrimination and hatred toward minorities and the poor in our society.

No, dear friends, this article does nothing more than promote a wider chasm between members of our great society and promote the idea that abortion is a "good thing." But, in fact, abortion has done nothing to increase our society's value of life. It has, instead, cheapened the value of life. It, along with the teaching of evolution in our schools and the newer practice in our society of euthanasia have led to the devaluation of life. And we wonder why people are shooting one another in the workplace and schools!

Well, as the great mid-western philosopher once said, "Them's my sentiments."

Dale Du Verney,


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