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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

I am writing yet another letter in reference to the unfortunate release of Stan Roth as a biology teacher at Free State High School. My children have not taken a class under him, but I understand that Stan Roth was indeed an excellent teacher. I was saddened by the way the "system" shuffled him out the back door.

Another thing saddened me about this article though. I believe staff writer, Tim Carpenter, intentionally made this issue into a political one. With all the controversy about the recent decisions of the Kansas Sate Board of Education, he proceeded to make it look as if Mr. Roth was released from his teaching position because he was an evolutionary biologist. The only negative comment he quoted in length was from Joseph Harvey, an apparent creationist. Mr. Roth himself was quoted as saying that he was told that his release was "because of the way he treated the students" (not because he was an evolutionist). I wonder who Mr. Carpenter would have accused if Mr. Roth would have been a math teacher or any other area of study?

Thirdly, Mr. Roth's release came about in May. Why wasn't the article printed then when the news was fresh? How ironic that Mr. Carpenter waited until now to publish it; while all the controversy is going on over the teaching of evolution only. He clearly deceived the public into thinking that the creationists had anything to do with Mr. Roth's release. If you think I am wrong in my judgment, just read some of the letters in Tuesday's Journal-World. Mr. Richard Moore writes "What a shame that moralists who are literalists on the Bible can perform so many immoral acts such as destroying the end of a distinguished career like Stan's." If the Journal-World continues to allow this obvious manipulation of the truth to be printed then I think we should think twice before believing everything we read in this newspaper. Perhaps we shouldn't bother reading it at all.

Again, I feel that Mr. Roth was wrongfully dealt with in this situation and the administration should seriously reconsider their procedures on releasing a teacher from his/her post.

Carmen Penny,


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