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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

Perhaps Jack Davidson, Bill Graves and others should not be so "embarrassed" by the recent vote of the Kansas State Board of Education to de-emphasize the teaching of evolution. Perhaps we are just paving the way to bring back some scientific validity to the classroom. Perhaps in the pursuit of educational diversity, progress and intellectual integrity we should actually go a step further and ask that there be an official nationwide ruling mandating that evolution be taught in every school -- as a religion. All evidence of origins is based on assumptions and presuppositions, and all assumptions and presuppositions are based on faith. Evolution as an attempt to define origins must be accepted on faith. Religious faith. Even blind faith!

Heidi Howkins (a well-known mountaineer) was in Pakistan last year on a K-2 expedition. Someone in her party approached one of the native porters to let him know that he was doing something that was environmentally or physically unhealthy (like drinking unfiltered water or throwing something on the ground) and tried to explain it to him scientifically to which the porter responded "science is your religion, not mine." I love that. However, I admit that the porter would have more respect for science if he learned more about it. He would also learn that pure science is not based on faith. He would learn that evolution is at best perverted science. Perhaps evolution is the new manifestation of the age old dilemma of people knowing all the answers but not knowing the questions.

In my small corner of the world I have met Ph.D's in anthropology, biology, medicine and physics who believe that the theory of evolution is and will someday be recorded by history as a hoax. Nonetheless, let's consider it's relative merits and keep it as part of our educational system. The Constitution was partially constructed to keep government from running a state religion. It was not designed to keep religion out of education so let's learn about all of the religious possibilities including evolution. Anything less than teaching evolution as a religion will not only make an ape of us but also a real embarassment.

Brent McClun,


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