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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

An open letter to the Kansas State Board of Education (Linda Holloway, John Bacon, Mary Douglass Brown, Steven Abrams, Harold Voth, and Scott Hill):

As a native Kansan and a graduate of both a Kansas high school and Kansas University, I want to congratulate you on your clever use of reverse psychology.

By voting to eliminate evolution from the Sunflower State's required science curriculum, you have sent the message to Kansas high-school students that you do not think it is an appropriate subject for their interest. But as every intelligent person knows, there is nothing a teenager will find quite so interesting as a topic that authoritarian adults deem inappropriate.

Therefore, you must have known that your action would spark unprecedented interest in the subjects of natural selection and evolution among Kansas high schoolers.

Furthermore, Ms. Holloway's tactic of appearing combative, smug, and downright mean in her recent media appearances (such as her Aug, 13 Today show debate) will only serve to further alienate her from the students she serves -- and thus further encourage those students to investigate any topic she finds unimportant or unacceptable.

When I was in high school in Kansas, I had little interest in the theories of Charles Darwin and his successors, and my teachers spent little time on the subject. Thus several years passed before -- to my great good fortune -- a loud, insulting, leather-book-waving campus orator at KU finally drove me to take a physical anthropology class.

How much more fortunate today's Kansas high schoolers are.

They have YOU!

Naturally and selectively yours,

Bradley Denton,

Manchaca, Tex.


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