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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

When Kansans look back on board of education decisions of 1999, which will be more embarrassing, the state board's take on evolution, or the Lawrence school board's take on one member attempting to stake out a dissenting position?

The mere concept that some Lawrence school board members and appointed district leaders would even suggest that my vote for Scott Morgan be dissed by recommending the he be muzzled whenever he (or any other elected member) may disagree with the majority vote on a subject is outrageous, insulting and downright unAmerican.

If they are correct and I am wrong, then any member of the current state board who disagrees with its position on creationism should be seen and not heard. So should any future members, since a majority of the board has already made its decision.

In that case, why should anyone ever run for anything, and why should any of us ever vote?

I voted for Scott so that he would speak out against the status quo when he felt it was in the wrong. I would be severely disappointed if he did not. What is disappointing now is the Politburo attitude of those who would demand that he keep his trap shut and toe the line.

Scott Richardson,


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