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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

The article in reference to garage sale postings in Sunday's paper was one that got many people's attention. Many people have garage sales in Lawrence every weekend and post signs but do they get ticketed for such sales? Most likely not!!!

Teresa Webb was given a ticket for advertising her garage sale this past weekend. Another resident of Lawrence was given only a warning. Three officers in a 90-minute time period appeared at the garage sale site to inform her of her illegal postings. Many citizens of Lawrence have had garage sales and how many have had police officers show up at the sale and given citations or even warnings of this illegal behavior? Where is the consistency in this policy?! This being Mrs. Webb's first offense, a warning should have been issued. How many residents knew that there was such a policy or law that existed?

We wish Mrs. Webb well in her court appearance and hope she fights this all the way.

Rex & Debbie Ellebracht,


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