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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

I am writing in defense of Mr. Stan Roth, perhaps Lawrence's finest teacher. As a 1997 graduate of Lawrence High School and the product of Mr. Roth's biology class, I was bitterly sad at the cause of his early retirement. Stan Roth greatly influenced my life in nothing but a positive manner. I am pursuing a degree in biology primarily because this man taught me to expect nothing less than my best. This is true for many, many other of his students.

Mr. Roth possesses an unparalleled love for biology and for teaching. He spent countless Saturday mornings hiking around Lawrence on fieldtrips with his students. He also held late-night review sessions the night before a test and planned trips to Hawaii, Florida and other places. He was dedicated to one thing only: the betterment of his students. He demanded that students perform their best while in his classroom. Furthermore, Mr. Roth encourages his students to think for themselves.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way Mr. Roth relates to teenagers. Those students who are complaining about his sometimes gruff demeanor need to toughen up. Mr. Roth is not the sweet little old school teacher who will hold his students' hands throughout his class. If he was, he would be doing a disservice to Lawrence high-schoolers.

Free State's loss is nature's gain since Mr. Roth will be working for the Kansas Biological Survey. Although I feel badly for Mr. Roth, I truly regret the loss of Free State's future biology classes who will not have the honor of having Mr. Roth's classroom experience.

Jessica Katich,


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