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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

As an employee of a business effected by Doug Compton's closing of the frontage road on east 23rd Street, I've been following your coverage with more than average interest. The closure has, without question, made it extremely dangerous to cross over to any of the businesses on the frontage road, and let's remember there are other businesses besides Don's Steakhouse on that road.

Adding to the outrage of this situation, we now learn that Wint Winter, the county's own counselor, failed to notify county commissioners of the impending closure, and not only that, it also turns out Winter has a financial interest in the project under construction.

Is anyone else just a little disgusted and a little alarmed by this? Clearly there's a conflict of interest for Wint Winter acting as counsel to the county and having an interest in this project, and it strikes me as duplicitous, if not downright unethical, for Winter to fail to alert county commissioners of an impending road closure that impacts citizens and businesses of Douglas County.

Richard Backus,


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