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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

How would a resort on Clinton Lake affect life in Lawrence and Douglas County? Just who would benefit from a resort on Clinton Lake?

Not the wildlife, which flourishes in the deep wood.

Not the campers, bicyclists and hikers who love the natural beauty of the park.

Not those who fish and boat in the clean, tree-lined lake waters.

Rather than destroy a part of this beautiful park, have resort proponents considered converting part of or all of the Riverfront Mall into a resort? The ever-flowing Kaw, the eagles and the nearby natural areas attract visitors throughout the year. Many cities have developed riverfronts; why not Lawrence? Such a riverfront resort within walking distance of a lively downtown could have tremendous year-round benefits for Lawrence.

Over 500,000 people fish, camp, boat, swim, hike and bike at Clinton Lake and State Park. On busy weekends, the park and lake are so crowded that campers and boaters must be turned away. As the population continues to grow, more demands will be made on this small, already inadequate area of public land. We cannot afford to lose any part of it.

Clinton Lake and State Park are Douglas County's most beautiful asset. We who live here love it. Let's not allow it to be ruined.

Sondra McCoy,


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