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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

This trend of bringing religion back into our schools that the conservative Christians are attempting is weighing on the American public. The idea of mending contemporary problems through the use of uniform Christian ideals is absurd, and alienates those of us who may be of another religious background or choose not to subscribe to religion at all.

Technically this amendment passed by the Kansas Board of Education allows room for many different theories that would explain our beginnings, but the truth behind this move speaks loud and clear: Teach our children creationism, stop child violence. This theory is paradoxical, as it is not inclusive or receptive to anyone who may fall slightly away from the coveted "norm" of society. This defining line between what is right and what is wrong will teach our children to feel powerful if amongst the "believers" and powerless if on the outside. Children who feel powerless tend to lean towards violence as the answer, and that is what this decision of bringing Christian theories into schools may provoke, not squelch within our children.

Kate Phair,


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