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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

I read a lot of letters supporting poor Mr. Roth and I am very glad that years ago he made an impact on people in a possitive way at Lawrence High School. However, I dealt with Mr. Roth just last year at Free State High School where it seems Mr. Roth was not too happy.

Last year I went to parent night. Mr, Roth informed the classroom full of parents that, "If your student likes me or my class, then I am doing something wrong, or they are not in the right class." He went on for 30 more minutes never explaining class structure or his lesson plans, but rather spoke of himself, and how unsatisfied he was with students these days, and how much of a problem they are. (None of us parents were impressed.)

He also circulated a paper that he said was "self explanatory." We were to read it and follow directions. He said

, "I want to see what I am working with because the apple does not fall too far from the tree." The next day in class he pointed out each child whose parents had not followed the directions and put the parents down in front of the child and the classroom.

On parent night I had brought in a note for each teacher on my list since I was new to Kansas and to Lawrence. It explained who my son was and gave information on how to contact me day or night if my son was a problem student in any way. (I like to be involved in my child's education process.) At the top of the letter was the name "Roth" the only information that I had been given by the school. Mr. Roth proceeded to crumple the paper up because I had not addressed it to "Mr. Roth" a title that he said he has had all his life. I apologized and explained that before I met him I did not know if he was Mr. Mrs. or Ms. he said, "Ignorance is no excuse."

First impressions are the most crucial. I wish that I could have met the Mr. Roth that everyone else has been writting about, but I think he retired several years ago at Lawrence High School. The man I met that night was bitter, and rude. Maybe one day long ago Stan Roth was a good teacher, but then again, once upon a time, O.J. Simpson was a football player. People do change. Accept the truth folks.

Sam Hunsaker,

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