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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

After reading the front page article 8-18 about how the political muscle keeps expensive and outmoded military depots alive, I had an uneasy feeling that a substantial portion of our defense budget goes to satisfy the job picture for certain congressmen's constituency.

If these expenditures are not necessary for our defense activities, then it would appear that we no longer have a true capitalistic system. When you add those military costs for foreign bases over the world, you began to wonder what could be the real reason for our role in the world peace force.

Maybe after American corporate facilities were established in foreign countries, it provided an excellent opportunity for American military forces to be based in those countries. The CIA could provide the proper defense environment: We need to remind people that the Defense Department was formerly the War Department, a true military camouflage.

Perhaps without these military-related jobs, we would be in an economic depression. So in order to avoid this tragedy, we have slipped into a moderate system of socialism.

Lester C. Marsh,


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