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September 7, 1999


School priority

To the editor:

I will be the first to admit that I do not keep up on current events as well as I should. I drove by Prairie Park School all summer waiting for the new addition to begin. My husband, the paper reader of our family, kept telling me it wasn't going to be started because it was over budget. After I sent my daughter off to school yesterday, hoping her class is not in a trailer this year, I had time to sit and read the paper. I remember reading that the new jail in our neighborhood will be having an open house soon. If my memory serves me correctly the jail was built for $22 million, almost twice its budgeted amount. Wow, that's a lot of money I thought. Then again this morning I picked up the Journal-World to see blasted on the front page, "School bond project over budget." According to the article, the school package is $3 million over budget. Well, after the article yesterday that didn't seem so much. A big chunk of the $3 million is the new district administration building overage. I say build the children of this community the schools they deserve and take all the trailers our children are taking classes in and put them by the existing administration buildings to help with their overcrowding. I would much rather see paper stored in those trailers than my child and her classmates. I have lived in Lawrence all my life and I know the people of this community care about their children. If we do not make school overcrowding a priority now, jail overcrowding will definitely become a problem in the future.


and family,


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