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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

I read with some amusement Erwin Seba's article on the "vacant" deanships. I was particularly intrigued by his report that the deanship at KU law school had been vacant since 1998. As many of your readers know, I submitted my resignation from the deanship in September 1998 to be effective June 30, 1999. When the search for my successor failed last year, I agreed to stay on as dean until June 30, 2000. I do understand that once one leaves office, one should fade away, but I hadn't realized that the process, in my case, had accelerated to such an extent. (By the way, if you need proof of my continuing existence, just check your editorial pages for my column which appears on alternate Wednesdays.)

Mike Hoeflich, dean,

Kansas University School of Law.

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