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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

Those who puzzle about how the state board of education could vote in favor of a science education standard that discourages the teaching of evolution need only to understand that there are a number of humans on the planet who have been unaffected by evolution. Their minds have not grown and developed through the thousands of years of anthropological development but have remained static. The total number of these unfortunates on the planet is unknown, but there are at least six in Kansas, and they sit on our board of education. This is a fundamental element of civilization and one that all voters should take into account when scrutinizing candidates for any office.

Why certain humans have not evolved to a higher level is not fully understood. I would like to compare this group to the Neanderthals, but this easily could be an insult to our prehistoric ancestors. I could also say that they are closer in intellect to the apes, but that would cause a greater debate about who really is the higher form of life on Earth, given the violence and destruction of the planet that only we humans are responsible for.

Susie Hanna,


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