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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

We, as former students of Stan Roth, are outraged at the treatment he has received. To oust a teacher of his caliber is an abomination. We can only imagine the hurt and disappointment he felt when it was revealed to him that he was no longer wanted as a teacher in the Lawrence school system.

Stan Roth is one of the most dedicated and finest teachers Lawrence has ever had. He inspired students to give the most they had. He spent many unpaid hours taking students on field trips, helping them get close to the things he taught -- a love of nature, an understanding of the workings of the environment they lived in. Through the years he has received many awards for outstanding teaching. He has also received the respect and love of many former students.

Yes, he was demanding. He had no tolerance for slackers. When some of us first met Stan, we were shy and had low self-esteem. He made fighters of us. He not only helped us understand the science of living things around us, he helped us understand ourselves. He gave us knowledge that helped us throughout our lives. If he called someone a twit or a hooligan, he did so for a reason. He wanted that person to prove him wrong. Yes, at times he was arrogant and rude. But this strong personality turned many lives around. It made people think. It inspired people.

Every person has a right to confront their accusers. The fact that there was a "quiet gathering of evidence" against him stinks. He should have been given a chance to appease his accusers. Here he was, only a year away from full retirement, and he was given the boot.

Thank you, Stan, for the positive and profound effect you have had on our lives. You are the best, no matter what the kangaroo court has declared. We salute you and wish you the best!

Kathy Schott Gates,

Cindy Schott,

Beverly Prescott,


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