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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

I, like many others, read the article describing the forced retirement of Stan Roth with dismay. I took Mr. Roth's CP biology course ten years ago. Unlike many others that have written, I did not have a particular interest in science. However, despite this fact, Mr. Roth was one of my three favorite teachers at LHS. The other two (Paul Steuwe and Pat Nemchock) taught the two subjects I was most interested in, history and art.

While I did not pursue a career in science (I got a BA in art history from KU in 1996 and am currently getting a master's in architecture at the University of Texas), the course I took with Mr. Roth was, in retrospect, the best I have ever taken.

Mr. Roth's ability as a teacher made me not only excel in biology but enjoy it as well. It was Mr. Roth's high standards that made me strive to do the best job that I was capable of. The A's I received in his course were the grades of which I am most proud and they would not carry any of that significance if Mr. Roth had changed his teaching techniques in order to make us students feel good about substandard performances.

Of all the many teachers I have had, I think Mr. Roth best prepared me for academics beyond high school and I am certain he was the teacher who best prepared me for life beyond high school.

Jessica Small Juarez,

Austin, Tex.

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