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September 7, 1999


Punish the guilty

To the editor:

As motorists and cyclists, we recognize that Dick Walker had an unfortunate encounter with three cyclists who apparently were riding irresponsibly and illegally (three-abreast) between Lawrence and Baldwin (Letters, July 30). The law requires cyclists to ride two-abreast or single-file on county roads. Mr. Walker would have done well to report them to the local police/sheriff, who could have ticketed the cyclists and reminded them of the law.

Unfortunately, there are cyclists who break the law and disregard safety, but they are in the minority. The same applies to motorists. Both motorists and cyclists know, as Mr. Walker points out, "that a $1,000 bike frame, a $175 helmet, and a $200 riding garment are still no match for a 2,500-pound vehicle traveling at highway speeds," but this sort of intimidation is not a constructive answer for cyclists and motorists sharing the road safely. Rather, for the sake of the majority of motorists and cyclists who obey the law and drive/ride safely, let's deal with the offenders rather than generalize to the entire group. There are proper legal and educational mechanisms in place to police the offenders and correct their behavior.

Madeline Finch

and Sam Perkins,


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