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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

This has been a hot issue of late in the letters to the editor. I have had the same problems as a driver with bicyclists since moving to the area. Not that the problem is exclusive to the area, but it seems worse here. Not blaming it on the arrogance of the riders, but many in town and on the roads do not observe safety or even road signs, such as yield signs or stop signs. This is what most drivers have the biggest problem with, not obeying the signs or safety regulations!

What I have thought for about the last couple of years, is if the bikers want to be part of the road and want the respect and equal use of it, pay for it. In case of an accident, what insurance covers a bicyclist that has caused the accident. Maybe it is time for bicycles to be insured and tagged as all other vehicles that have to SHARE the road. The isn't a smear against bicyclists, just a thought that might alleviate tensions and make the sharing of the road more equal. If I have to obey ALL signs, if I have to be insured and tagged, and pay taxes on all my vehicles, then isn't it fair for the bicyclists to do so also?

James Moutray,


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