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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

I was disappointed by the city commission's decision not to renew the alcohol license of Brown Bear Brewing Company Tuesday. In the 11 months my wife and I have lived in Lawrence, the Brown Bear has been a favorite on our occasional nights out. It offered good microbrew beer at a reasonable price, excellent bands and a comfortable atmosphere, even for people older than college age (we are in our 30s).

I was particularly disappointed that the commission seemed poised to give the Brown Bear a year to improve its food sales -- a reasonable approach -- but then rejected the idea. They came across as callous and arrogant. I can understand why the food-sales rule was put in place, but the 55 percent minimum seems higher than it needs to be, especially considering the rule applies to only a few other establishments.

Commissioners were apparently so focused on the rule they failed to recognize what an asset the Brown Bear has been to downtown.

Kris Knowles,


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