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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

With regard to the article "Hiring minority faculty," and the response by D.R. Davis on 8-20 and the rest of America. It should disturb you that today we still need to discuss the problem of discrimination. I do not know what world D.R. Davis and everybody else in America live in, but discrimination is still a problem.

You mentioned, "What ever happened to hiring only the best person for the job?" The problem with this idea is that the people in position to do the hiring are more often than not still stuck in the colonial times. Chances are that when faced with two qualified people, one white and the other non-white, that person will probably choose the white person. This is why we as a people need to pay attention to this problem and try to solve it by actively trying to recruit minorities who are qualified. Qualified minorities are there, but white America needs to be less discriminatory.

When D.R. Davis mentioned how it has been made easy for us minorities when it comes to education, that bothered me. Visit my school in Los Angeles and try to learn without air conditioning, lack of desks, books, overcrowding, inadequate food and clothing. These are just a few of the problems that minorities face in the cities and poor areas of America. Whites and nonwhites should have to work equally as hard to obtain a faculty or any other position. The problem is that generally we as minorities have to put up with people and a system that discriminates against us and therefor we have to work twice as hard just to be in a level playing field.

I agree with D.R. Davis when he said, "Why does it matter what color they have to be." It should not, but as our history has shown and continues to show, discrimination is still a problem and until we as a people are ALL truly equal, the recruitment of minorities is essential in the process of equality in "white" America.

Ricardo Leal,


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