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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

The 6-4 vote of the Kansas Board of Education to delete any reference to evolution as an underlying principle of biology and other sciences shows what happens when a zealous dogmatic sectarian religious group gains political power. No longer will knowledge of evolution be required in state-sanctioned tests in Kansas although the subject may still be taught in the public schools.

It is obvious that biblical literalists have taken over the Kansas Board of Education. Perhaps they would be so kind as to tell us which of the two contradictory creation myths in Genesis they would prefer to have taught in lieu of the solid science that supports evolutionary theory.

Mainline Protestantism, Catholicism and Judaism have been able to reconcile Darwinism with their particular religious views on the origin of the universe and life on our planet. How is it that this group of ignorant biblical literalists have been able to impose their views of science on the public schools of Kansas?

Final or ultimate knowledge about the origin of the universe and life will probably forever illude us. Carl Sagan expressed it well in COSMOS:

"TEN or TWENTY BILLION YEARS AGO, something happened--the Big Bang, the event that began our universe. Why it happened is the greatest mystery we know. THAT it happened is reasonably clear."

That mystery has become the province of religion and mythology. Explanation of what happened AFTER the Big Bang belongs exclusively to the realm of science.

Robert E. Nordlander,

Menasha, Wis.

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