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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

I have a cautionary tale for all who value the quality of life Lawrence still offers in spite of bypasses and resorts and unplanned growth.

I'd like to address the five clean-cut, knit shirt, khaki pant-wearing youngsters who attempted to drag the woman I love into the alley between Massachusetts and New Hampshire streets Aug. 26 around 2 a.m. My sweetie said you appeared to be normal student types who'd had too much to drink. She thought it best to ignore your unwanted comments and move on to her car. You did not frighten her until you surrounded her and started pushing her into the alley.

How could this be happening? You all looked like the boy next door. What were you thinking? Were you actually going to gang-rape a beautiful woman in the middle of our downtown? Now let me thank the two gentlemen leaving the Tap Room who saw what was happening and ran across the street and led my sweetie to safety.

It's a sad day when you have to insist your loved ones never walk alone after dark in our downtown. This is Lawrence! Unfortunately, the young and privileged and stupid are back in town and they continue to demonstrate that they are not to be trusted. Gentlemen, you've hurt my lover, but she will recover. She will not let some idiot future cracker salesmen, attorneys, politicians, or captains of industry ruin her life.

In closing, let me say that I pay taxes (just like your mommies and daddies) to make sure lesser evolved cretins like you spend the rest of your lives in a big house in Leavenworth. May you wake up someday and enjoy the privilege you so richly deserve. I cry; my tears are for your mothers and sisters, too.

John Clayton,

1529 Learnard.

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