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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

Personally, we commend the Kansas State of Board of Education for its decision to de-emphasize the teaching of macro-evolution in our schools despite the fierce personal attacks of some in the scientific community and the hyped coverage of the issue in the media.

Despite the claims of evolutionary scientists, macro-evolution is not pure science, not fact. It is a religiously based theory. Macro-evolution starts with the presumption that all we see rises from purely natural processes and then builds theory to explain our world. It is part science, and part religion, but too often taught by advocates as pure science. This is the gravest kind of falsehood. The theory has many critics, not just creationists, as it leaves too much unexplained and much evidence is missing despite decades of work. Most of us still look at our universe in awe and come to another conclusion about our world's origin.

After reviewing both versions of the science standards and talking to a State Board of Education member, it amazes us that so much has been made of such a small step. The board's standards encourage the teaching of many evolutionary concepts and do not preclude the teaching of macro-evolution. There is not a word about creation. But much has been made of this small step as evolutionary scientists' view of origins is not mandated.

The debate and discussion over the science related to origins should be encouraged. The State Board's action, rather than stifling that discussion, encourages it. For that, they should be commended.

David and Cathy Barfield,


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