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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

I am disappointed on how the media has overdone and biased the coverage on the board of education vote. After all, the result was to simply let the state school districts decide whether evolution, creationism or other theories ought to be presented to the students. If others across the country look down upon Kansas for this, I believe we can blame the media for hyping this as a win for "creationists" and creating the furor.

I have an undergraduate and a post-graduate degree in geology. I was taught that evolution is a theory. The "big bang" creation of the universe is a theory. Hundreds of theories exist in science. I do not expect my children to be taught that any theory is factual science.

So in my opinion, the board of education made a good decision to let this be decided locally and some of our own Kansas media brought the undue embarrassment to our state.

Lloyd E. Dunlap,


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