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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

Let me begin by saying I know I'm in the minority when I state I'm elated to see Mr. Roth "retire." I was fortunate to have only one of three children subjected to his so-called teaching methods. When a bright student makes average to above average grades on papers and tests, and ends up with an F on his report card, I view this as ludicrous. Roth's explanation -- he uses "subjective" means other than grades to determine a final grade! By subjective he means that he dislikes students who are quiet, who typically wear dark-colored clothes, and who won't tolerate being called derrogatory names.

My son was removed from his class almost immediately, and did very well with another teacher. To top this all off, it appears to our family that the school authorities AND the district powers chose (at that time) to ignore any commentary or complaints, since Roth has been so highly praised by his peers for so long. Again, I for one am glad he's gone. He certainly did make his impression on many students of Lawrence -- not a good one!

Lenette Hamm,


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