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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

The city commission's action in closing the Brown Bear Brewery because the establishment failed to meet the 55 percent food sales requirement last month (only 50 percent of their sales were in food) shows an appalling lack of flexibility and common sense on the part of the commissioners. Surely some consideration could have been taken of the fact that business as a whole is down in the summer in Lawrence and has been further depressed downtown by the ongoing demolition of several major streets.

I wish Mr. Schlegel luck in whatever course of action he chooses; he certainly has good reason to be frustrated with a city that considers his business to be a "problem" rather than an asset. Meanwhile, Lawrence has lost another taxpaying downtown business and a venue for live music, and several people have lost their jobs. Not bad for an evening's work at the city commission.

JD Willhite,


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