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September 7, 1999


To the editor:

There appears to be trouble with people's memory. Those who have written mocking Christianity over things like the flat earth forget that it was also the accepted scientific theory at that time. In fact, the church held those beliefs because it was the scientific belief at that time.

Science has grown. But notice that as knowledge is gained the old was outdated. So many beliefs should not be based on science. Evolution as an explanation for the origin of all things is not based on absolute knowledge. But for the moment the holders of the doctrine of evolution have taken on the attitude of the old church. It used to be that no belief was held without the OK of the Church. Now the scientific holders of evolution have equal power. They hold their dogmas with tenacity and wonder how anyone dare question and not bow to them. They do not want people to think outside of the dogmatic and creedal boundary of evolution. If these people were in power in the past with the same attitude, we would still believe in a flat earth.

There is no such thing as a "bare fact," but instead "facts" are interpreted in light of other beliefs and paradigms. Evolution, as all beliefs, is driven by underlying philosophies and views of the world. Many of those underlying beliefs are contradictory. When will the young arise and think for themselves? When will they see those contradictions and not accept just any answer? When will they see that their minds are being enslaved? How can a complex cell just appear? How can a sentient being evolve from a non-sentient one? How can consciousness evolve from non-consciousness? How can rationality evolve from non-rationality? How can nothing evolve into something? How does an ethical being evolve from nothing? What empirical test can demonstrate materialism? Young people, arise and think!

Richard Smith,


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