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October 26, 1999


Consent agenda

Unless otherwise requested, the following items will be considered without debate on a single vote:

  • Final plat of Foxfire Addition No. 4, a 68-lot residential subdivision containing 37.396 acres, west of Wakarusa Drive at West 18th Street.
  • Preliminary plat of Fire Station No. 3, a one-lot plat containing 2.70 acres, on the north side of West Sixth Street between Kasold Drive and Monterey Way.
  • Final plat of Habitat Neighborhood Addition No. 4, a 25-lot residential subdivision containing 7.062 acres, 130 feet east of Harper Street, south of East 17th Street, north of the existing mobile home park.
  • Final plat of Allen Press Addition, a one-lot industrial plat containing approximately 8.51 acres, east of East 10th and Delaware streets, and to the north and east of Hobbs Park.
  • Final plat of Ranch Estates, a 13-lot county residential plat containing 70.59 acres, north of U.S. Highway 40, west of the South Lawrence Trafficway.
  • Final plat of R.C. Addition, a two-lot commercial plat containing 3.421 acres at 1231 East 23rd.
  • Final plat of Sunflower Park Addition, an 84-lot, three-tract residential subdivision containing 72.85 acres northeast of 27th Street and Inverness Drive, east of the school property.
  • Final plat of Inverness Park Plaza Addition, a six-lot mixed-use subdivision containing 55.42 acres for the office and multiple-family residential portion of the Inverness Park Development located between Inverness Drive and Crossgate Drive on the south side of Clinton Parkway.
  • Preliminary plat of Spring Hill Subdivision, Phase 2, a 55-lot residential subdivision containing 20.69 acres south of Peterson Rd. on the west side of Monterey Way. An annexation request for a portion of this property is pending before the city commission. A rezoning request also has been submitted to the planning commission.

Regular agenda

  • Receive a request from Lawrence City Commission for discussion of a retail market study. Discussion may be scheduled for the Nov. 3 mid-month meeting.
  • Consider a conditional use permit for replacement of a booster pump station for Douglas County Rural Water District No. 4 at 1003 E. 1600 Road.
  • Consider a request to rezone 50.89 acres from A (agricultural) to A-1 (suburban home residential) on property east of East 500 Road, and north of North 1700 Road, west of the Kanwaka Township fire station.
  • Consider a preliminary plat of Bluestem Acres Subdivision, a proposed one-lot county residential plat containing 50.89 acres east of East 500 Road and north of North 1700 Road, west of the Kanwaka Township fire station.
  • Consider a request to rezone 0.907 acres from C-5 (limited commercial) to M-2 (general industrial) on property at 1317 N. Third.
  • Consider a request to rezone 1.186 acres from RS-1 (single-family residence) to RO-2 (residence-office) on property east of Kasold Drive, east of DCCCA, on the north side of Clinton Parkway.
  • Consider a request to rezone 1.5783 acres from R-1 (single-family residence) to RS-1 (single-family residence) for the proposed Spring Hill Subdivision No. 2, south of Peterson Road on the west side of Monterey Way. An annexation request is pending before the city commission.
  • Consider a request to rezone approximately 1.164 acres at 450 N. Iowa from RS-1 (single-family residence) and M-1A (light industrial) to PCD-2 (planned commercial development). A variance has been requested to allow the reduction of the minimum area required for a PCD from 2 acres to 1.164 acres.
  • Review a preliminary development plan for 450 N. Iowa, a proposed planned commercial development. Proposed uses include retail-commercial and storage.
  • Consider a request for consideration of a concurrent submittal of a preliminary and final plat for Stonegate Townhomes Addition for the Nov. 17 planning commission meeting.
  • Consider the final report for the annual review of Horizon 2020, which was received at the August planning commission meeting.
  • Receive an update from staff on city commission and county commission action taken on planning items for September.
  • Receive communication from the city commission on drainage standards and three policy recommendations.

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