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October 7, 1999


Subaru's new-for-2000 Outback and Outback Limited models add looks to the carmaker's lineup.

Subaru vehicles have earned a reputation, among owners, for being reliable, durable and extremely sure-footed in all types of weather.

Now, with its redesigned, new-for-2000 Outback and Outback Limited models, more potential buyers will be sold on the vehicles' good looks, too.

"With the new styling on the Outback, I think it will appeal to more people. Subaru already had all the mechanics and the all-wheel-drive system down. Now, with this redesign, they've taken care of everything. They've got it all," said Dale York, sales manager at Dale Martens Nissan Subaru, 2112 W. 29th Terr.

"One thing Subaru's done is go to more of a European design. It's very nice, especially in the Outback Limited trim model.

"You don't feel like you're in a truck or off-road vehicle. The sense is one of luxury. With the features of the vehicle and the car-like ride, I wouldn't compare the Outback to a truck. It feels more like a sedan," York said.

The Outback's exterior is as handsome as the cabin.

"It does look like it has a wider stance than the previous model. To me, again, it has more of that European styling," he said.

The 2000 models offer another enhancement: the way they ride.

"I've driven the Outback. It's an improved ride compared to the previous model. It has more power, and there's a notable difference in acceleration. It's made to be a car-like ride."

The Outback would serve the needs of just about anybody in the market for a new vehicle, York said.

"You don't have to just be the outdoor, off-road type to appreciate the Outback. If what you want is a safe, reliable vehicle that's excellent in any weather condition, it's perfect."

Dale Martens Nissan Subaru received its first Outback about a month ago. The dealership now has two Outback Limited vehicles on hand. Sales are expected to be brisk.

Subaru has a longstanding reputation for durability, York said.

"One thing the company has found out through its research is that 90 percent of all the vehicles they've ever made are still on the road. They've been in business for 30 years, so they must be pretty well built to last that long."

"We have lots of repeat customers here. Subaru sells itself," he added.

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