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October 7, 1999


To the editor:

I want to add another thought to the discussion of a resort hotel/facility at Clinton Lake.

My wife and I got our first fold-down camper in 1968. We camped wth a tent for many years before that. With four kids and limited income, we spent a lot of summer weekends and summer vacations camping in many parks and campgrounds.

We have camped at both the state campground and the Corps of Engineers campgrounds at Clinton Lake and enjoyed it immensely. We love being at the lake!

Now I'm pushing 70 and my wife has cancer. Camping is no longer a very good option for us. Still, to spend a week or weekend at the lake would be great. Corps of Engineers lakes and many other public facilities are for all the people. A resort facility on the lake would make it possible for us and other senior citizens to get away from home, enjoy the great outdoors and the wonderful scenery the lake provides.

Bill Stype,


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