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November 18, 1999


On the second day of school Joy Clumsky, creative writing teacher at Lawrence High School, challenged her fledgling writers to create metaphors for their summers -- to capture the essence of the fading season in sensual images. Now that winter is approaching, they serve as memory "seeds" for generating another retrospective look at our own summers past.

Summer is "

Eating whatever, whenever.

-- Ellen Shackelford

Summer is "

Watching a fiery sunset.

A live, outdoor concert.

-- Chris Ortiz

Summer is "

Cool beads of sweat sliding down the nape of my neck.

Green tree frogs with their full, soft bellies cooling in the mud.

The hard, lean bodies of mahogany-colored horses straining as they race across endless fields as though to catch the wind.

-- Aubrey Vaughn

Summer is "

The smell of construction downtown.

-- Meghan Rahmeier

Summer is "

Corn on the cob.

The sounds of a demolition derby: cars revving up to make a hit.

-- Garrett Rastok

Summer is "

The ocean, with its deep, crystal-blue paradise, under the sun.

-- Natasha Taylor

Summer is "

The racing of tires on the gravel road.

The roaring of thunder in the dark, blue sky.

-- Bill Kelly

Summer is "

A time for the nocturnal to play.

A Band-Aid that covers all the wounds of school.

When flings flare and relationships burn out.

-- Brian Piepergerdes

Summer is "

A spider's string of jewels laced in between crooked fence posts.

A zoo of cloud animals.

-- Caryn Cain

Summer is "

Walking, just walking.

Roller coasters coasting on the track.


-- William Soriano

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