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November 12, 1999


The roof project is done, but the city still is waiting for repairs for damage caused during the project.

Nearly six weeks after a roofing project at city hall was initially supposed to be finished, city officials are still waiting to see if damage caused by the contractor in and around the building has been repaired.

Boone Brothers Roofing Inc. of Olathe began work on the roof the week of Aug. 25, and although the company says the work was performed satisfactorily, others have said the project was plagued with problems almost from the beginning.

"The city hall roof is complete," James Last, an official with the company, said this week. "It's been warrantied by the manufacturer and it's been accepted by the city."

The city, however, said it has not yet accepted the project as complete.

Steve Bennett, the city's building and maintenance engineer, said he is still waiting to learn whether a leaky roof above the city commission chambers has been fixed, and for completion of repairs to a sidewalk that was damaged during the project.

Boone Brothers is a major roofing contractor in the region that has done numerous public works projects in Lawrence and Douglas County.

Other projects in the past year have included the new county jail, the new county health center and a re-roofing project at Woodlawn Elementary School.

The company also has received a $279,279 contract to install the roof on the city's new indoor aquatic center.

Boone Brothers was hired this summer to put a new roof on city hall for $62,709. The contract initially called for "substantial completion" no later than Sept. 30, but company officials said at least one extension was granted for that deadline.

On Sept. 3, city hall had to be evacuated when smoke from the roof got into the ventilation system and spread throughout the building.

Bennett said the smoke was caused by roofers using a torch to install flashing around the ventilating units. Heat from the torch caused roofing material to smolder, sending smoke directly into the ventilating ducts.

There was no damage to the building, but firefighters were called to clear out the smoke.

On Sept. 28, city commissioners had to rearrange their meeting room when water leaked through the roof, damaging ceiling tiles and carpeting in the newly remodeled commission chambers.

Roofers had been working on that part of the building, and Bennett said that the drains still were clogged with gravel and that the "tightening rings" had not been re-installed when Lawrence was hit suddenly by a heavy rain storm.

There also was damage to landscaping and a sidewalk around the building caused by trucks loaded with heavy materials and equipment, Bennett said.

Assistant city manager Rod Bremby said this week that Boone Brothers was working through a final "punch list" of items to wrap up the project, and that the contractor was being paid for the work performed as each of those items is completed.

City manager Mike Wildgen said the city does not want to fix the ceiling in the commission room until it knows whether the roof is fixed, and that won't be known until there is another heavy rain.

Bennett said an amount has been held back from the contract to pay for the ceiling repairs, and all other damages are being paid for by the contractor.

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