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November 5, 1999


A 109-year-old bell now hangs in the tower of the new Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Something old for something new.

That's what parishioners of Corpus Christi Catholic Church got Thursday when construction workers hoisted a 109-year-old bell into the tower of their new church being constructed at 6001 W. 15th.

Corpus Christi actually has had the bell for several months but has been waiting for construction of the bell tower to near completion before installing it.

That happened Thursday when workers from B.A. Green-DiCarlo Construction Co. lifted the bell up with a crane and placed it in the new tower.

"It's just sitting up there now; it's not fully installed," Rev. Jim Shaughnessy said. "We needed to get the bell in there before they put the roof on because there's no other way to get it in there."

Shaughnessy, pastor of Corpus Christi, said the church eventually hoped to get some smaller companion bells to ring along with the main bell.

"The tower will have windows, so we can fit the smaller bells through there," Shaughnessy said.

The bell was cast in 1891 for St. Mary's Church in Kansas City, Kan., by a company in St. Louis that is no longer in business, Shaughnessy said.

That parish closed a few years ago, he said, and several other items were removed and taken to other churches, but the bell was still hanging in the old tower until this year.

"One time I was driving by and looked up in the tower and saw it was still there," Shaughnessy said. "So I contacted the archbishop and various authorities to get permission to have it. Then I called a friend of mine who does building demolition in Kansas City to retrieve it.

"It was dangerous taking it out, because a lot of the wood was rotted and the mortar was loose in the old church. They had a big crane and lifted it out down there, loaded it on a truck and brought it down here."

Shaughnessy said that once the bell is connected to motors and automatic timers, it will toll for the start of weekend Masses, funerals and other rituals and for the daily "Angelus" prayers at noon and 6 p.m. during the week.

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