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November 3, 1999


To the editor:

Fortunately the SLT was not the only way to route traffic around Lawrence. Douglas County has existing resources which are existing roadways that could be improved in order to route some traffic around Lawrence. This route which I am about to share with you has been received by the powers that be and hopefully could be a city/county and with any luck KDOT partnership.

Assuming you are entering Lawrence from KC on K-10:

K-10 to E1750 Road (an existing left turn lane) at JCT 442 which is 4.5 miles west of the Eudora exit and turn south. 1750 is Noria road on the north side of K-10. 1750 to N1100 road which is approximately 0 .7 miles from the Lone Star/Clinton Lake road and 1.4 miles from the bypass to the south. Traveling south on 59 highway is an existing left turn lane on to 1100 Road. K-10 to E1750 to N1100 to 59 and turn right to bypass. This route has approximately 3.7 miles of very well maintained gravel roads.

The above route intersects with N1400 Road which is Louisiana. This route it seems to me will save time and be far less frustrating than 23rd Street congestion which is here to stay. If our local and state governments would improve the roadways and provide signage this route could be a relief to many.

By my measurements: E1750 Road is 22 feet wide; N1100 Road is 24 feet wide; 1500 Road/Haskell, is 22 feet. wide; trafficway is 22 feet wide.

At this point in time a 15th Street entry to the trafficway seems like a novel idea which would provide our west Lawrence residents with an easier drive towards Topeka I-70 and the above mentioned route, drive it you might like it.

Richard Heckler,


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