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November 3, 1999


City to pay half

of street improvements

The city of Lawrence will pick up half the estimated $400,000 cost of a new street light and intersection improvements at Clinton Parkway and Crossgate Drive where a 164-acre residential and office development is being planned.

The intersection already warrants having a traffic light, said Jane Eldredge, attorney for developers of the Inverness Park project, but the light will become even more necessary as development moves forward.

As a condition of annexing the property into the city and dedicating a final plat, city officials are requiring that the developer, Dial Realty, agree not to protest the formation of benefit districts to pay for street improvements around the property.

Eldredge said her clients would accept those terms if the city would pick up half the cost of the intersection improvements at Clinton Parkway and Crossgate.

City officials noted there is no policy in Lawrence on spreading the cost of traffic lights. Some have been financed entirely by developers, while others have been paid entirely by the city at large.

Parkway Plaza

may get its car wash

City commissioners may change their mind and decide to allow a car wash to be built near the Hy-Vee grocery store at 22nd Street and Kasold Drive.

That proposal was rejected on a 3-2 vote Oct. 19 amid strong opposition from neighboring residents. Among those were owners of the Quail Creek apartments that are adjacent to the site of the proposed car wash.

Mayor Erv Hodges voted with the majority to deny the development plan, saying he felt it would cause too much traffic congestion on 22nd Street at Kasold. However, he said he might change his mind if the developers came up with a revised traffic plan.

This week, engineers for the developers submitted a new plan that calls for adding turn lanes at 22nd and Kasold to relieve traffic congestion around the car wash.

Hodges offered a motion Tuesday to reconsider the denial and place the item back on the agenda for the commission's Nov. 23 meeting.

Commissioners Marty Kennedy and Jim Henry, who voted for the development plan two weeks ago, also voted to reconsider the item.

Commissioners Mike Rundle and David Dunfield said the traffic problems were not the main reason they voted against the plan Oct. 16, and voted this week not to reconsider.

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