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May 26, 1999


IN 1899

On May 26, 1899, the Lawrence World advised those graduating from Lawrence High: "They are going out into the world, are the graduates of the High School, with high ideals and noble aspirations. It is always fashionable to discourage them, but it is not good policy. The world needs them and needs them badly. The injection of education and enthusiasm into affairs is always beneficial. Of course many of them will get tired in the long journey of life, but there never will come a time when any of them will be sorry that they spent so many years in preparation. It takes all the props one can find to hold him up in the battles of life; it takes all the stimulation obtainable to enable him to battle successfully with the questions of life. The students are told that a majority fail. Of course they do. They always will. The only wonder is that so many succeed. There are so many triflers, that do not take life seriously that the wonder is so many succeed. There is room for many young men and women to succeed, there is need for them to do so, there is work for them to do, and although most of them will fail it will be because the seeds of sloth, lack of application, of content with nothing that is within them."

-- Courtesy Watkins Community Museum

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