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May 26, 1999


To the editor:

My letter is in response to the very critical editorial in the Thursday, May 20 Lawrence Journal-World regarding the Budweiser Clydesdales visit to our city. Is this the kind of welcome mat we put out to new business owners in our city? The fact that the timing of the editorial fell smack dab in the middle of the Classic Eagle Distributing Grand Opening festivities is appalling. The issues addressed in the editorial were an insult not only to Classic Eagle, but to the people of the city of Lawrence as well.

It is always amazing to me how critics are constantly looking for excuses for why our children turn out doing things that society might consider "bad." Is it easier to blame private industry when kids end up smoking and drinking? What they fail to realize is that the real problem lies in the way our children are being raised and that falls back on the parents. One might consider the Clydesdale visit a perfect opportunity to make a family event of attending the parade or the display on 27th Street. It might also open up the opportunity for an educated conversation with your child about alcohol consumption.

Another issue addressed by the Journal-World was the potential traffic problem created by a parade through downtown Lawrence at rush hour. Business owners downtown are constantly preaching that we need to keep downtown flourishing, yet there is a complaint because thousands of people will be driving and walking the streets downtown?

I find it sad that this kind of public response was made regarding this issue. The amount of time, energy and expense that went into bringing the Clydesdales to Lawrence is unbelievable. I feel quite sure that their being here will not improve Budweiser sales, nor will it convince beer drinkers of another brand to change over to Bud. In other words, those people that think it was a self-serving motivation that brought them here are wrong. It was simply a nice way for the new Classic Eagle Distributing folks to do something nice for Lawrence. If this is the kind of welcome mat Lawrence sends out to new business owners in our community, one might understand a company looking elsewhere. It seems to me the ones wearing the blinders are not the horses!

Julie Love,

3319 Glacier Dr.

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