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May 26, 1999


An exotic dancer who hit a Lawrence man lying in a rural road with her car is obviously shaken about the accident, the owner of the club where she works said Tuesday.

Kacy Brooke Krause, 19, ran over 27-year-old Henry Edward Wilks Jr. with her car about 4:55 a.m. Saturday on North 1500 Road about a mile east of the city limits.

Jeff Wallace, owner of The Outhouse, said Krause was doing better but still was upset about Wilks' death.

"She's been through a lot," Wallace said as dancers started to arrive for work early Tuesday evening.

Two detectives from the Douglas County Sheriff's Department were questioning dancers Tuesday to see whether they had any additional information about the night's events.

An accident report says Krause told sheriff's department authorities that she was traveling west on North 1500 Road when she passed another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle was flashing bright lights to warn Krause about the man in the road.

"She could see the other car slow down," the accident report said. "As she met the oncoming car, she ran over something later identified as a person."

Krause told deputies she didn't see Wilks until it was too late.

The accident occurred just west of the dance club at 1837 N. 1500 Rd.

Wilks had been in the club before the accident, Wallace said earlier. The man apparently left the club on foot, authorities said.

Krause was cooperative with investigators, the report said.

The dancer told authorities she hadn't been drinking and consented to tests that confirmed a zero blood-alcohol level. Krause was not available for comment Tuesday.

Although an autopsy was completed on Saturday, authorities don't yet have results on alcohol tests conducted on Wilks.

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