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May 26, 1999


I'm curious as to why the 1970 commencement was inside the Allen Fieldhouse. It wasn't on the list of rainouts that was published in Sunday's Sound Off column.

We again turned to KU's Office of University Relations -- our original source -- for the answer to your query. Here's what Mary Jane Dunlap from that office said:

"We searched the records and indeed did find that your caller was half right, so to speak, about the 1970 commencement ceremony.

"In 1970 KU was still having two commencement ceremonies in the stadium. The first night's ceremony was for students in the professional schools (law and medicine) and the graduate school. The second night was the baccalaureate ceremony for undergraduates.

"Here's what happened according to the minutes of the commencement committee: The first night ceremony was held outside in the stadium. The baccalaureate ceremony was moved to the fieldhouse due to bad weather.

"We appreciate the good memories of readers and apologize for the oversight. We suspect that our list of years commencement has been forced indoors may yet be updated by readers whose memories serve us better than records that often skip over those details that become good trivia as time passes."

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